Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next Project 10 x 16 Correct Deck CX Composite in Auburn Hills MI

On this project we tore off the old decking and railings.
The frame was still good, sorry I forgot to take before pictures
Here is the design picture
The deck is Correct Deck CX composite. It has a single picture frame border, DCL railing, fascia, treads, and risers in Mahogany color, and the decking is in Pebble with Pebble lattice.
The DCL railing has Deckorators round metal balusters
In the picture below - I would like to point out the squash blocks under the center of the 2x4 DCL rail.
You would be surprised how many decks I have seen without the squash blocks installed.
Every railing I have seen without the squash blocks have sagged pretty bad.
Something so simply makes a big difference
Thank You