Saturday, September 4, 2010

A couple of cedar decks

Hello ....

 Here is a few pictures of a couple of cedar deck we have just finished

The first one is in Sterling Heights MI.   The homeowner removed the old deck and designed the new deck.

 Framing picture, notice the latter framing for the seam board and the picture frame border  
5/4 cedar decking, rail posts and fascia's installed 

Cedar planter box, built from tongue and groove 1x6, 1x4 trim and deck board top cap. The planter boxes are removable for watering and planting. 

Our standard cedar 2x4 builders rail. 4x4 cedar posts, 2x4 top and bottom rails, cedar post skirts, 3/4 round deckorators bronze balusters, 5/4 deck board top cap.

We usually have the homeowner pre-stain the 2x4 rails before we install the balusters so you don't have to cut in around all the balusters, (red stain color rails)

Finished pictures


Cedar deck # 2

Balcony deck in Chesterfield Twp. MI

Just a few pictures of a simple square 14x16 cedar deck with 2' cut corners.

The design

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