Monday, March 18, 2013

Deck building in Rochester Hills MI

Hello Everyone !

 Well it is the middle of March and the winter weather is still holding on here in Michigan. Despite that, we have already started the Michigan deck building season !

 Today we are going to look back at a Timber Tech XLM deck project from last year.  On this project there was an existing wood deck that was in need of updating. So we removed the old deck and did a slight re-design of the old deck layout.

 He is the before picture, you can see the old deck had two different levels which for a deck this size was a bit of a design flaw, the space was to small for different levels. At about 400 square feet one level is the best option to get the most functional space.

Here is the new deck design that is all on one level with a seam board to give the effect of the dual levels, but where you can use all the deck space without worrying about falling down a step.

Here is a picture of the center seam board which has a two part use, one it can divide the deck into unique spaces or separate deck spaces for different functions on the deck like dining areas verses lounging areas etc.. The second part is it divides the deck boards into sizes that work best for cost & waste. Deck boards come in 12', 16' and 20' pre-cut sizes. So the seam board divided this deck into 16' and 12' sections

The other thing to notice is the deck surface is completely fastener free, the Timber Tech XLM decking is a grooved product that uses a Concealoc clip to hold the decking in place. The seam board and the border are screwed down with the Cortex plug system which is a really cool product.

Here in the picture below where we are installing the Cortex screw/plugs on the treads. 

The railings are Timber Tech Black Radiance rail, There is also Trex low voltage lighting riser lights and rail lights in black.

Here are some final pictures of this custom PVC deck project in Rochester Hills MI

                                        Thanks for reading our blog ... !    Michigan deck builders