Sunday, November 16, 2014

Building composite decks - Rochester Hills MI composite deck project.

Hello everyone ... After a busy year of deck construction in Michigan we have finally found some time to update our blog. Today we will look at a project we did back in May. It is a full backyard deck and patio design.

 On this new construction project we had an open slate to design, the homeowner wanted a deck off the upper level door wall leading to a walkway / patio to service the lower level.

Design Top View

3D View

Here we pick up the project with the hardscaping already installed and we will focus on the deck portion of the project.                                                                                                                       The deck is 14x25 with a 3x15 center bay with double cut corners. The bay works to add some flair to a basic square deck, which works good to fit into our customers budget. 

The decking is Timber Tech Legacy Tigerwood  with a Legacy Mocha double picture frame border and center seam board. Here in the picture we have already installed the decking and we are working on installing the rail posts. 

  We always install the rail posts after the decking is completed. You can see how hard it would be to cut the double border in after the rail posts are installed. We plan the framing accordingly for the proper blocking to attach the 4x4s with the Fastenmaster Thrulok bolts.

 Here is a closer picture of the framing after the railings are installed. Notice the three Thrulok bolts through the rim joist at the corner of the bay that takes care of the rail post attachment. Then below that you have the 2x4 drop down blocking on the bay along with the triple 2x12 beam that also acts as blocking for the triple stack fascia.
 A few other points you can see: We have started the 1x cladding on the 6x6 support posts with the post dimensions of a 6x6 at  - 5"1/2 " x  5"1/2"  A 12" deck fascia ripped in half works for two sides and two 8" stair riser fascia for the other two sides that have a finished edge. The other point in the picture is the lateral load bracing we usually do which is a 5/4 board attached with three 16D nails to the underside of the floor joist running on a 45 degree angle to brace both ways against lateral loads.  

Here the railings are completed and we are working on the triple stack fascia. The railings are Timber Tech Evolution Builder rail with Deckorators Estate balusters all in black. The 2x4 blocking for the triple stack fascia is finished.  

Working on the first course of Timber Tech Legacy mocha fascia. Below in the next picture you can see the different stacks of the fascia cladding that is done already so we can finish the stair railings.

Here is a picture of the stairs that shows a closer shot of the fascia corner and the 6x6 post cladding when finished.

Final pictures below....

Monday, March 24, 2014

Macomb County Michigan covered porch project, adds shade to a sunny patio.

Hello ... today we are going to review a covered porch project in Shelby Township MI.

  In this project we are adding a roof over an existing stamped concrete patio to create a shaded area for our customer. The layout of the home is a typical one we see all the time, where the door wall leading to the backyard is off the kitchen nook which is a cantilevered bay.

Here is the before picture... notice how much sun they get on their patio with this southern exposure, the new stamped concrete patio color has already faded out. The solution was to add a covered roof to this patio.

 Again this home has a common layout 14' wide kitchen leading out to the backyard through a dining nook area. Basically what we are going to do is extend the roof line of the bay, over the patio to create the covered space. The roof projection is about 18' for a 14' x 18' covered patio.

We matched the existing construction and materials to home, so it would look like it belonged on the house.
The only thing we could not match was the brick on the columns. The tongue and groove cedar ceiling adds some warmth to the space. We installed  a center ceiling fan with a light for warm nights and soffit lighting to set a nice mood and show off the porch at night.

Here are some final pictures of this Macomb county MI covered patio project.

Thanks for reading our blog !