Saturday, April 24, 2010

So what all is included in a deck quote?


 Well the deck building season has begun for us. I do my own design, sales, and me and my brother build almost all of our projects.  So it is harder to find time to keep up on writing here.  A topic I want to look at today is the deck quote - what all is included?

We have been very busy in the last month with quotes.  We have done at least 50 or more proposals it has been crazy.

But what I would like to address is the price of building a deck, I think alot of people get sticker shock or have no idea what it costs to build a deck. Generally square foot prices for decks are -

Pressure treated pine (select cut)   $16  square foot

Cedar  (selkirk)                             $22 square foot

Budget composite                          $30 square foot

Top of the line
cap-layer composite or
PVC                                              $40 square foot

For some more ideas of deck pricing and design and size pricing go to our website michigan deck store

So again what is included

Scope of the work:

1) Plans and permits - time to draw the plans, turn them into the building dept.  The permit fees which usually run between $150-$400.

2) Post hole footings -  auger rental is included which is usually about $200.  Cement cookies for the base of the posts $20-$40 a piece

3) Pea stone -  Under the deck most building dept. require a layer of 6 mil plastic weed barrier and 3" of pea stone. $200-$300

4) Deck frame - usually runs about $4.00 - $6.00 a square foot for materials. 6x6 support posts, 2x10 beams, 2x8 joists.

5) Decking - depending upon product choices you can run any where from $3.00 square foot to $12.00 square foot for high end pvc decking with hidden fasteners.

6) Railings - depending upon product choices you can be anywhere from $4.00 foot for pressure treated pine, to $45.00 foot for Timber Tech Radiance railing.

7) Misc. Hardware - Hangers, lag bolts, screws, etc. usually about $300 for small decks to $800 for large decks.

8) Fascia - We don't use a fascia for our pressure treated pine deck, but for Cedar and all composites we do a fascia board. Cedar we do a two tiered fascia usually 1x8 & 1x4. Composites you usually do a single 1x12. Cedar is about $3.00 - $4.00 foot to Composites and PVC $10 foot

9) Picture frame border - on all of our decks except for Treated Pine we do a border board. We use the border board to cover the fascia/frame gap so no water or debris will gather behind the fascia board. It also hides the end cut of the deck boards.

10) Labor - generally is 1/3 of the overall project

11) Removal of a old deck, dumpster fees - $2.00 - $3.00 square foot

12) Company Profit - 20% is the goal, usually it is 5% - 10%

This is just some general ideas of the costs that is included in a deck quote. Prices will vary depending upon the size of a project, the scope of a project, and the materials used in a project.

This does not even cover all the cost of doing business as a company - liability insurance, vehicle insurance, license fees, vehicle maintenance, tools maintenace, gas, and advertising.

That is why a company has to make a profit to pay for all the other costs of doing business. It is also the reason why we cannot work for the same price a handyman or some un-licensed carpenter can.

Thank You for reading.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bordines Spring Expo

Come visit us this weekend at the Rochester Hills MI Bordines Nursery. Their famous spring expo is being held this weekend 4-17&18 at the corner of Rochester Road and Hamlin Road in Rochester Hills MI.

Bordines will be having all kinds of great seminars and there will be an american backyard theme this year. There will be all kinds of different vendors and kids activities. We will have deck displays - Timber Tech XLM and Radiance railing, Correct Deck CX, Fiberon Horizon Tropics, and a cedar pergola, and bar.

Here is a link to infomation on the different seminar topics being offered and their times of the seminars.

Seminar topics

Thank You

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rialings part 3 - composite pvc options

Hello again,  Spring is in the air and we have been busy doing estimates!  For the last few weeks we have been looking at different railing styles and products. This week we are going to look at composite and pvc,  low maintenance railing products.

For us we generally offer 3 different railing products for low maintenance decks.

The first product choice we give is Correct Deck CX and their DCL railing with metal balusters.

The DCL - Dimensional Composite Lumber 
Which means it can span long distances with the strength required for a railing. Most composites/pvc are not very strong.

The nice thing about the Correct Deck DCL (basically a 2x4) is that it has the cap layer covering the composite base. Which puts it into the ultra low maintenance class meaning it does really good in resisting Fade, Stain, Straching, and Mold. It is also more affordable than the composite kit rail systems most manufactures make.

One other nice feature is that the DCL 2x4 combined with the metal baluster option gives the railing a nice contast to the all one color kit rail systems.

I would like to see Correct Deck come out with some different options with rail posts, skirts and caps.
Their rail post are basically the same as a 4x4 in size, where most all of the other manufactures rail posts are sleeves that fit over a 4x4 that are bigger and look a little nicer,  also Correct Deck post caps and skirts are very basic. We usually use the De-kor post caps when we use the DCL rail system.
Next we offer the Timber Tech Radiance Rail
Which is a kit rail system meaning, the top and bottom rails and balusters come in a box in 6' and 8' lengths.
The Radiance Rail is a little more expensive than most other low maintenance railings on the market, but it is the nicest out there. It also matches the colors of the XLM decking and they have white and black colors which look really nice.

Next we offer the Monarch white railing Bermuda

Which is a budget minded product and still is low maintenance

There are many other railing options on the market that are very nice also.

Trex has the Artisan rail which has been re-named the Transcend railing 
The Transcend railing has alot of different options

Azek has a few different profiles of the old Premier railing

There is many vinyl railings on the market here one we like with many different baluster patterns    Michigan Lakes Railings

Most of these products are very durable and are composite with a PVC cap layer which really hold up well to the UV exposure which tends to tear down paints, stains and cheap vinyl rails.

We hope we have inspired you with ideas for your outdoor living areas