Saturday, April 24, 2010

So what all is included in a deck quote?


 Well the deck building season has begun for us. I do my own design, sales, and me and my brother build almost all of our projects.  So it is harder to find time to keep up on writing here.  A topic I want to look at today is the deck quote - what all is included?

We have been very busy in the last month with quotes.  We have done at least 50 or more proposals it has been crazy.

But what I would like to address is the price of building a deck, I think alot of people get sticker shock or have no idea what it costs to build a deck. Generally square foot prices for decks are -

Pressure treated pine (select cut)   $16  square foot

Cedar  (selkirk)                             $22 square foot

Budget composite                          $30 square foot

Top of the line
cap-layer composite or
PVC                                              $40 square foot

For some more ideas of deck pricing and design and size pricing go to our website michigan deck store

So again what is included

Scope of the work:

1) Plans and permits - time to draw the plans, turn them into the building dept.  The permit fees which usually run between $150-$400.

2) Post hole footings -  auger rental is included which is usually about $200.  Cement cookies for the base of the posts $20-$40 a piece

3) Pea stone -  Under the deck most building dept. require a layer of 6 mil plastic weed barrier and 3" of pea stone. $200-$300

4) Deck frame - usually runs about $4.00 - $6.00 a square foot for materials. 6x6 support posts, 2x10 beams, 2x8 joists.

5) Decking - depending upon product choices you can run any where from $3.00 square foot to $12.00 square foot for high end pvc decking with hidden fasteners.

6) Railings - depending upon product choices you can be anywhere from $4.00 foot for pressure treated pine, to $45.00 foot for Timber Tech Radiance railing.

7) Misc. Hardware - Hangers, lag bolts, screws, etc. usually about $300 for small decks to $800 for large decks.

8) Fascia - We don't use a fascia for our pressure treated pine deck, but for Cedar and all composites we do a fascia board. Cedar we do a two tiered fascia usually 1x8 & 1x4. Composites you usually do a single 1x12. Cedar is about $3.00 - $4.00 foot to Composites and PVC $10 foot

9) Picture frame border - on all of our decks except for Treated Pine we do a border board. We use the border board to cover the fascia/frame gap so no water or debris will gather behind the fascia board. It also hides the end cut of the deck boards.

10) Labor - generally is 1/3 of the overall project

11) Removal of a old deck, dumpster fees - $2.00 - $3.00 square foot

12) Company Profit - 20% is the goal, usually it is 5% - 10%

This is just some general ideas of the costs that is included in a deck quote. Prices will vary depending upon the size of a project, the scope of a project, and the materials used in a project.

This does not even cover all the cost of doing business as a company - liability insurance, vehicle insurance, license fees, vehicle maintenance, tools maintenace, gas, and advertising.

That is why a company has to make a profit to pay for all the other costs of doing business. It is also the reason why we cannot work for the same price a handyman or some un-licensed carpenter can.

Thank You for reading.

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