Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lake Orion MI Cap-Composite Project

Hello again,

Today we are going to review a Timber Tech Evolutions cap composite deck we built last year. The colors are rosewood evolutions decking with white Timber Tech radiance rail express, and white Koma pvc fascia.

There was an existing cedar deck that was about 25-30 years old that was in bad shape. So we tore down the old deck, and did a re-design of the deck. The existing deck was just one big deck connecting the two door walls access points of the home, one was from the kitchen area and one from the master bedroom. The new design separated the deck into two different deck spaces. One large main deck and one small deck off the master bedroom with no stairs.

I could not find the before pictures but here is one right after the tear down, first the old deck was attached to the house which has wood lap siding. There wasn't any flashing protecting the the ledger board attachment. You can see why the ledger connection needs to be flashed, the rim joist of the house is completely rotted out from lack of flashing allow water infiltration.

Once we replaced all the rotted wood and installed the proper flashing we went on to the rest of the deck building.
Working on the framing below and then on to the decking/rails

The decking is done in the picture on the right you can see the decking is running on alternate 45 degree patterns across the deck with two different seam board locations. From there we went on to the railings and the privacy fence/rail section. The railings are brand new railings style from Timber Tech call Radiance Rail Express. The Express radiance rail is a more affordable railing options that installs much faster than the Radiance rail. The privacy fence/rail is just lattice top fencing. Lastly on to the stairs, and the triple stack fascia.

Timber Tech Radiance rail express

The small deck


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