Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Form equals function for deck designing

Hello again,

 Today we are going to look at a different topic ... Deck design and some problems areas to avoid

First lets review the basics of deck designing.

Usually form follows function for designing. When designing and planing, start by how you plan on using your deck. Most decks you have three main uses.

1) Entertaining:  A space where you can be relaxing in a comfortable chair or patio set, a space to get some sun, or a place for a small party,  or for the kids to get some fresh air and play safely within a watchful eye.

2) Grilling: a space for a grill

3)  Egress: space to transition from the house to the deck and from the deck into the backyard.

So think of each of these spaces within your deck design
The challenge becomes fitting them into a designated space and or budget you have for your deck. Finally you should add a ornate quality to your deck by adding your unique flair or style into the design.

When we go out to visit homeowners to give an estimate on building and designing a deck, I first try to listen to the customer closely to find out exactly how they are planning to use their deck space and what their expectation is of their dream deck. 

Here are some of the areas to avoid and few thing to do a little homework on.

1) Thorough pre-planing:  We see this all the time, homeowner having no idea of what style they are looking for and how a deck will become part of the architecture of the home/backyard landscape.  Take some time out and find a few picture of decks you like and try to incorporate some the things you like into your deck.

2)  What materials to use:
There are so many neat products available in deck construction, and many of the different products work really good together and add contrast to a backyard landscape. Take a look at Faux columns, Low voltage lighting, synthetic decking... etc. 

3) Designing: Add some ornate flair to a deck design with a picture frame border, inlay, combining different colors, arbors, skirting and lattice, railing combinations, and different levels.

4) Site conditions: Each house and site plot is unique and the deck should flow into the landscape and the look/color of the house.

Thank you for reading !