Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Low Maintenance Decking"

Hello And welcome to our outdoor living blog, In the last 3 or 4 years low maintenance decking has gained allot of popularity. The attraction of not having to "seal" or "stain" your deck, has appealed to many homeowners. "Composite" is the most well known type of the so-called "low maintenance decking" products. Trex is the largest and oldest manufacturer of composite decking and railings. Timber Tech is number two in both of the same categories. These two companies generally speaking control the market share of the composite decking industry. There are many other manufactures of composite decking and railings. There has been many advancements in the "low maintenance decking" industry. Many companies have improved upon the basic composite deck board and railing kit formula, Trex introduced some approximately 15 years ago The term "composite" by decking definition ~ is in general, a mixture of wood flour and plastic. And there is many different formula's depending upon the manufacture. Trex is a 50/50 mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Most companies use polythene plastic, and a some use polypropylene plastic. some use oak or maple flour, some will use rice hulls, or other mixturesThe reason this is important .... ? Because composite decking can have some of the same problem's your old treated pine, or cedar wood deck can have. And when you are paying double the cost for a new composite deck. You probably are assuming the last thing you will have to worry about is your new deck! Some of the problems: Mold, Severe fading, Scratching, Staining, Shrinking/Expanding and Weathering!It is a good idea to do your research on the different products out there, and find a contractor who you can trust. Most deck builders have been through allot of the learning curve already, and should understand that "low maintenance decking" is not always a true statement. And the contractors who care about your job, and their reputation should know what products are true to the statement "low maintenance decking" Next time we will review "extreme low maintenance" decking God Bless Bayn Wood, President of Autumnwood Construction Inc.

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