Thursday, June 18, 2009

What we did today... Vinyl Pergola

Today we built a vinyl pergola kit from Backyard America,
The model is called "The Aspen" and it's main feature: is it's curved rafters.
We built it for a display / give away for Lumber Jack Building Center in Algonac MI. They are going to give it away for there 45 anniversary of being in business.
We augered 8" x 42" holes into the ground to bury 4x4s to support the pergola posts.
The kits are pretty easy to install, it took us about 6 hours to build, with the shade screens
Shade screens, They slide into a vinyl H-channel
The pergola kits look nice with a landscape block retaining wall built up around the base of the posts. You can also use round columns for the main posts. There is also options of staight rafters, Fabric awnings attached to the pergola, and shade blinds, and privacy fences
Here are a few pictures of the options for the pergolas from Backyard America
Round Columns with straight rafters
Drop down fabric blinds Fabric shade awnings attached to the pergola
Custom Pergolas
Thank You
We are off to Rochester Hills to build a small pressure treated pine deck

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