Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chesterfield Twp. MI New cedar deck

Hello again,  Well it is a new year and winter is in full force here in Michigan. It has been high temps. average 10-15 degrees the last few days, not much fun.

We have been remodeling two bathrooms, so thank God for inside work !

 Anyway back to reviewing our summer projects from last year.

This cedar deck we built was on a new home, and is a very simple design to keep it within the customers budget.

Here is the design
A basic 12x16 square cedar deck

  1. On the first day of construction We start by notching the 6x6 support posts to receive the 2x10 beams.  There will be two 1/2" thru carriage bolts connecting each post/beam connection. From there we set the joists on top of the beams, since it is a free standing deck we do not attach the ledger board to the house. This is because of the cantilevered bay, which according to the code a deck cannot attach to a cantilevered bay.

 Here we are working on the stairs, installing the two tiered stepped fascia, and the 4x4 rail posts.
 Some final pictures with the stairs and railings completed

 Our railings is a typical builders rail with 2x4 top and bottom rails, 3/4 round deckorators metal balusters. and a 5/4 deck board railing cap. This is our standard railing for wood decks. On this project everything is in cedar wood

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