Saturday, January 19, 2013

Michigan deck designs & deck building ideas

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 We are in the middle of winter here in Michigan. But the Michigan deck building season is fast approaching, and we have been out on several estimates this winter. Today I am going to review some different deck designs we did last year Oakland county MI.

 Here is a design we did for a new construction home builder in Oxford MI deck designs and building.
  On this one we started with simple square design as requested by the builder, but we also did an upgraded design with some landscaping added.

One thing we like doing in deck design is keeping a simple square design and adding center bays or double or triple cut corners. This allows us to make the use of the deck boards sizes and usually we don't have to add extra deck beams and deck support posts. So if there is a walkout or daylight basement there will not be all kinds of posts in the possible space under the deck.

Here in the upgraded design below you see the same simple square deck with a 3x12 center bay where we can keep the same post & beam structure as the first design.

Here is another deck design in Rochester Hills Michigan. On this design the homeowner wanted a patio space to service their walkout basement, and a deck to service the first floor. We also did some  different column options in the 3D views.

Here is another deck design in Rochester Hills MI
This one we did two different deck design options. Because the homeowner wanted some different ideas on how to plan their outdoor living space.

Here is another design feature we like doing is combining a deck space and a patio. Not only does it give you two unique outdoor spaces it gets you flowing out do the backyard, which is the goal to enjoy the outdoors.

We did two different stair design options for this project.

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