Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deck Building ~ 2 Cedar decks with stamped concrete walkway between

Here is a 3D design of our latest deck building project. It is two cedar decks with a stamped concrete walkway between the decks. The project is in Flushing Michigan. They was no existing deck just a small set of steps. Day 1 Auger the post hole footings. I will be updating day 2, framing the deck in the next couple of days. The decks have some interesting angles on them, we are looking forward to building this project. The 13 holes were augered in a couple of hours, we did hit a suprise steel pipe in the ground and it was to big to dig up so we had to move one hole over about a foot without much of a problem. The post holes were approved by the building inspector, and tommorow we will be build the the frame and block in a couple of old basemant windows the homeowner requested since they will be under the deck. Thank you Bayn AutumnWood Construction Inc. www.autumnwoodconstruction.com

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