Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2, 3, and 4 building a cedar deck in Michigan

We set the posts and back filled over last weekend and on Monday started the frame, and Installed the weed barrier and pea stone under the deck areas. Tuesday we filled in a couple of windows that are under the deck with cinder blocks, and finished the frame. Wednesday we installed the decking and facia. We have to finish the bench and prep for the stamped concrete tommorow.
The small deck frame completed and ready for the decking Nice and tight corners
The large deck frame completed, flashed, and ready for the decking
The small deck completed and ready for the wrap around steps
The small deck from a different angle
The large deck completed, except for the bench and wrap around steps Center seam board for the split in the deck boards instead of butt seams
(25' wide deck)
Large deck from a diferent angle
Large deck from another angle
The stamped concrete is next, and than we can finish the wrap around steps We hoped to be finished up next week.
Thank You
Bayn ~ AutumWood Construction Inc.

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