Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our next project: Tear out and re-build a cedar deck

3D rendering of the new cedar deck
with Fortress metal balusters
The original deck was built some time around 1992. It was built with 2x6 cedar decking, 2x10 cedar fascia and 1x6 cedar skirting. The deck was rotted and in bad shape. The problem appeared to be no ventilation, causing the deck boards to severely rot, the under side of the 2x6 decking was rotted much worse than the top side. The other problem area we noticed while tearing out the old deck was where, two pieces of wood were sandwiched together. Water would get in-between, and the two boards would rot from water traped between them.
So it is very easy to see why cross ventilation and leaving an airspace under the deck is important. Also not sandwiching 2 pieces of wood together, where water can run in between the wood. We see this in fascia details especially, that is why we picture frame all of our decks and drop the fascia under the deck boards. The picture frame border allows for a nice finish edge (no end grain) and it overlaps any tiered fascia detail
Day 1: Tear out of the old cedar deck and haul away the debris Day 2: Layout the new deck and dig the post hole footings
Day 3: Post hole footing inspection approved Set the cement cookies, 4x6 posts 6 mil weed barrier and cobble stone bedding under the deck Tomorrow We have to tear out some old pier footings (cement squares in the picture) and we can start framing the new deck

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