Thursday, May 14, 2009

New 15 x 30 Correct Deck CX Deck

Here is our latest project, a 15' x 30' Correct Deck CX Composite Deck.
The deck boards will run on a alternate 45 degree pattern. With a single picture frame border,
Center seam board and a 4' diamond inlay. The deck will have stone post sleeves covering the support posts, and Correct Deck CX, DCL railings with round Fortress balusters.
There will also be the new Timber Tech Deck lites on the posts and the risers
The Stairs were moved once we laid the deck out, the homeowner preferred the stairs exiting off the 45 degree angle, on the side closest to the steps in the 3D drawing.
Here is a before picture of the home and we already have the post hole footings done and approved by the building dept. and the support poles are set and we will start framing tomorrow.

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