Friday, August 28, 2009

New cedar deck in Southfield Mi

Here is a project we completed about a month ago
We started by tearing out a old treated pine deck
that was very old and out of code
The new deck is all cedar, 2x6 deck boards, with our typical builders rail with metal balusters, and cedar lattice.
We stained the deck after we completed the building portion. This is a benefit of choosing cedar for your deck, It can and should be stained right away. It is also a much more stable wood than treated pine ( It does not shrink very much).
In this picture you can see the 2x6 decking running on a 45 degree angle, framing is 16" on center with the 2x6 decking. You can also see the border board at the top of the steps, which overlaps the tiered fascia.
On this side of the deck there is a little bay area bump out for a grill Typical builders rail - 2x4 top and bottom rails, attached to the rail posts with a pocket hole attachment with a 2x6 deck board - cap board that is routered with a 1/2 round over bit.
On this side of the deck, the angle follows the driveway.
Another view of the bump out bay
Decking again running on a 45 degree angle.
All done
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