Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stamped and stained concrete

It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. My computer's video card crashed twice and Dell computer replaced my old computer with a new one, but it took awhile to get the new computer and to get everything transfered over from the old computer. Thank you Dell for the new computer Anyways back to the topic... Works has been a little slow. But we have been busy also Since we last updated we had just finished a Correct Deck CX composite deck. From that job we went onto to a stamped concrete job. The project was to remove a portion of a asphalt driveway that had been settling and replace with stamped concrete.
The interesting thing with this project was the settling issue we decided to dig down under the driveway to see what was going on to cause this collapsing of the driveway.
We end up digging out 15 tons of buried garbage ! There was 4 or 5 old hot water tanks, a washer, a complete rear end of a car with tires, a complete car engine and alot of metal debris.
We ended up filling a 30 yards dumpster with trash from under this driveway.
The color did not come out to good in these photo's
But we did a beige integral color with a charcoal release color. Then we stained the border a light brown and colored a few bricks in the stamped pattern to give some highlight the job turned out awesome looking and all the water issue they had were fixed. The concrete passed a big test a couple of weeks ago when we got about 7 inches of rain and it all ran off and there was no settling !
Here are a few better pictures of stained and stamped concrete. These pictures are from my father in-laws shop. The Dutch Mill.
Here you have a 8" textured border in a dark colored stain with a inside random stone stamp patern with different colored stained rocks
Here you have a brick border stained in a lighter color, inside the border there is a random stone stamp with every stone stain in different colors
We have also completed a couple of deck since the last update so I will update those project this week also Thank You for reading

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