Monday, December 21, 2009

Port Huron Area Carport & Shed

Here is a project we completed a few weeks ago.
Here is the design , this was basically a 16 x 30 aluminum carport
with a 10 x10 shed and 6' wind wall.
Before Picture
We have worked on manufactured houses for many years, so even through we have shifted are focus away from manufactured housing repairs we still do work on manufactured homes from time to time. This project was in The Lakes manufactured community in Kimball Township MI. The Lakes is the nicest manufactured home community in this part of Michigan.
The carport is all aluminum construction with 3x3 posts, 2x5 beams,
and 032. gauge box pan awning, with snow beams above.
The shed is typical 2x4 construction
The posts have 8" x 42" pier footings for the foundation. The carport is attached to the house with a 2x6 header - ledger lock bolted to the house studs. We pulled the siding off to do this and we double flashed the header with peal and stick tape and aluminum flashing.
The gutter system is built into the carport
The carport makes for a nice snowand rain cover and wind break.
The aluminum carport material can be used over patios for shade, and weather conditions


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