Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new product line from Trex

Trex has just announced Jan. 2010 production of a new product line.
The line is called Transcend.
This is a cap layer composite product. It is covered with some type of a PVC top layer, to enhance the performance of the base composite product.
Their main product line has been Accents which is a standard composite. The also have came out with a PVC deck board in the last few years called Escapes that was made by another company.
The Transcend line is geared towards the ultra low maintenance PVC products on the market, such as Timber Tech's XLM, and Azek, and the cap layer composites, that have been made famous by Correct Deck CX, and they have been followed by Fiberon's Horizons line
We have been a big fan of Correct Deck CX for a few years and we have had good success with the Correct Deck CX. Last year we started to offer the Fiberon Horizon line, because it has a tropical hardwood look which it is very appealing to our clients. The new Trex Transcend line seems to be similar to the Correct Deck CX and the Fiberon Horizons.
The specs and info on the Trex Transcend seems hard to find, they do however have a video on their new here


Trex has had it problems and we have not been the biggest fan, but the new line does seem to be interesting. It is good that they are developing new products they have been pretty stagnant with their product development. Timber Tech has been the leader in innovative deck product in the low maintenance decking market.

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