Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monarch Prestige (Granite color) with Monarch Charleston railings (Slate color)

Here is what we have been working on for the last few weeks. Remove and replace a existing treated deck with Monarch Prestige. Prestige is there newest line which is a cap layer composite.

Top View


This was a bear of a project, the tear out went very easy we had the old deck down and loaded in a dumpster in about 2 1/2 hours. From there everything seemed to take longer than what we had thought.

The footings took some extra work because of large stones in the ground.

The framing took longer because of the building department, Rochester Hills requires a 1/2" through bolt connection for the ledger, and even the railing posts had to have 2)  1/2" carriage bolts per post and none of the 4x4 rail posts could be notched, and we had a double picture frame border to frame for and a two tiered fascia, and two levels.

Here we just installed the decking with hidden fasteners

Post sleeves just installed (Monarch Charleston Slate)

Here we just installed the railings and working into the homestretch

A few final pictures

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