Monday, July 26, 2010

Why hire a pro - part two

What are the benefits of hiring a pro:

1)Experience in carpentry, and construction codes.

We see alot of different carpentry techniques I remember going out on a quote last summer to build a Gazebo, The homeowner was really excited about his new deck, which he and his buddy just built. The first thing I noticed was that they brad nailed all the deck boards down. Experience in building decks and tearing down old decks,  you will quickly see why not to brad nail a deck board, wood shrinks and expands and moves around alot which a brad nail will never hold up. We never ever nail a deck any where unless we use PL glue in conjunction with nailing, and that is only on fascia boards where you don't want to see a screw head.

With all the new composite and PVC decking products on the market, experience will not only save you time and money but maybe one big headache.
Some manufactures are known to deny claims if you don't follow every step of their installation instructions. Composite and PVC decking is alot more labor intense, and not only how you build the deck, but how you design the deck will contribute to quality of the deck as it ages.

2) The design of a deck will be a large factor how well it lasts, and would you put you name on a square cookie cutter project.

Design is a key factor in most construction project. Each lot is different, each home is different, and each customers needs are different. I am a big believer in whoever designs a project should have a building long standing quality mindset, not just how it looks mindset. With that being said who wants a square jail space look to your new deck. A designer will look to put his unique signature on the design. Some deck builders here, have done unique things that the instant you see the deck you know they built it, I have to tip my hat to them they have stepped beyond the cookie cutter mentality. 

Here in Michigan the economy has been really tough, we have been very dependent upon the auto industry to our own hurt. The fat and over paid union mentality has hurt us. We have to not only to create a brand, but work at proving ourselves that we are hard workers and we will go the extra for our clients. This is what has given a bad rap to our remodeling industry. The do it yourself-er would say:  We are out to take every short cut, charge a high price and leave work not done and job sites a mess. 

A "Pro" should go the extra mile not only in design, workmanship, cleanliness, and in business dealings. That is why you should hire a pro!

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